Published: 2016-02-08

Strength characteristics of hydraulically bound aggregate mixtures in road construction

Cezary Kraszewski


The article presents a survey of requirements concerning hydraulically bound road bases and results of compressive Rc and tensile strength Rt tests. Also the relationships between properties of hardened mixtures according to PN-EN 14227-1÷5 were considered. Relationships between different properties for concrete are known and are established (Eurocode 2). There is lack of such relation for road hydraulic bound mixtures of lower compressive strength 0.5 MPa ÷ 20 MPa. The analysis presented in this study discovered a relationship between compressive strength Rc and tensile strength Rt for various hydraulically bound mixtures (bound by cement, granulated slag, fly ash or hydraulic road binder) of compressive strength within the range 5 MPa ÷ 20 MPa. Properties of hydraulically bound mixtures of aggregates graded 0/22.4 mm using various types of aggregates (crushed or uncrushed, sedimentary or metamorphic rock and recycled concrete) were analyzed in this study. Test results and relationship between tested properties can be helpful for mechanistic design of road construction especially because the fatigue life of rigid or semi-rigid road pavement depends substantially on durability of hydraulically bound layers.

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Kraszewski, C. (2016). Strength characteristics of hydraulically bound aggregate mixtures in road construction. Roads and Bridges - Drogi I Mosty, 8(3), 31–54. Retrieved from

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