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Please answer the Editor within 5 days from receipt of the invitation to review:

Click the link in the e-mail or log in the “Roads and Bridges-Drogi i Mosty” webpage to answer either you accept or decline the invitation to review.

  1. Make sure that the article subject truly matches your expertise. Read carefully the article abstract to determine whether you can complete the review in the stated time period of 3 weeks.
  2. If you know you will not be able to complete a review within the requested time frame, you should inform the Editor Committee.
  3. You ought to take into consideration and analyze a potential conflict of interest. A conflict of interest is present when there is a direct, personal relationship between a reviewer and an author (in particular a second degree relationship or affinity by marriage), relations based on professional dependence or direct scientific cooperation within 2 years preceding the year of the review preparation. The possible conflict of interest should be listed when responding to the Editor’s invitation for review.
  4. Please prepare an opinion about the paper on the Review Form, presenting the assessment substantiation, particularly regarding the statement whether the work brings new cognitive elements to the state of knowledge and technique. Please prepare detailed remarks for the authors by referring to the number of rows in the typescript in order to facilitate the possible editorial changes.

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