Published: 2022-12-30

Road and bridge construction price indexation illustrated with an example of a selected project

Mariusz Urbański , Marcin Świtała , Wiesław Liszewski , Beata Ślusarczyk , Konrad Piechowicz


Dynamically growing prices of road and bridge works necessitate the valorization of construction works costs. The following article presents an example of estimating the value of the price indexation of a selected road investment based on price indices of road and bridge construction works in 2018-2022 with the division into: – a provincial single carriageway road of class G running in an urban area with bays, – roundabout with central island, one-way carriageways around the island, – dual carriageway sidewalk in an urban area running on existing terrain, – road bridge with a beam, multi-span superstructure of in-situ prestressed concrete, as well as taking into account road works related to the construction of culverts. The results of the studies prove that in the period of 2021–2022, there have been high increases in the prices of road and bridge works that could not have been foreseen at the bidding stage. The indexation ratios obtained as a result of the analyzes may constitute the basis for renegotiating the terms of the contract between the investor and the construction contractor.


changes in prices of works, correction index, road and bridge structures, valorisation.

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Urbański, M., Świtała, M., Liszewski, W., Ślusarczyk, B., & Piechowicz, K. (2022). Road and bridge construction price indexation illustrated with an example of a selected project. Roads and Bridges - Drogi I Mosty, 21(4), 365–378.

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