Published: 2023-09-30

Initiation of initial conditions in a model for thermal analysis of road pavement structures

Marcin Bilski , Przemysław Górnaś , Andrzej Pożarycki , Mieczysław Słowik , Paweł Mieczkowski


The paper presents an investigation of the possibility for initiation of initial conditions in a road pavement model for thermal analysis incorporating non-stationary heat transfer. The procedure requires performance of computations for a sufficiently long initiation period to obtain the initial temperature distribution that may serve as the basis for further heat transfer analyses. The main part of the article is devoted to presentation of a numerical experiment performed for four configurations of parameters in the heat transfer model in a multilayer system, representing road pavement. Each parameter configuration corresponds to a different pavement structure (two models of flexible pavements and two models of pavements with foam concrete base course). Calculations were performed for three different amplitudes of the sinusoidal function describing the change of temperature in time, which was defined as boundary condition in the pavement model. The numerical experiment was supplemented by calculations performed on a single chosen model parameter configuration, but adopting a boundary condition based on values registered by a sensor installed in real pavement. Analysis of the obtained results confirmed that the presented method of non-stationary heat transfer analysis enables initiation of the initial conditions in the heat equation.


flexible pavement, foam concrete, heat transfer, road pavement, temperature distribution.

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Bilski, M., Górnaś, P., Pożarycki, A., Słowik, M., & Mieczkowski, P. (2023). Initiation of initial conditions in a model for thermal analysis of road pavement structures. Roads and Bridges - Drogi I Mosty, 22(3), 275–285.

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