Published: 2023-03-31

Analysis of selected mechanical properties of mineral-cement-emulsion mixtures (MCE)

Bohdan Dołżycki , Mariusz Jaczewski , Cezary Szydłowski , Wojciech Bańkowski , Marcin D. Gajewski


In recent years mineral-cement-emulsion (MCE) mixtures have been increasingly used in rehabilitation and reconstruction of pavements. The material gains popularity due to the fact that it enables rational and ecological reuse of reclaimed material from old bituminous pavements, including material containing tar binders. Testing of basic properties of mineral-cement-emulsion mixtures – such as air void content, indirect tensile strength or stiffness modulus – enables determination of the required proportion of added new aggregate and the content of binding agents used. While such tests are sufficient at the stage of MCE mixture design, they do not enable wider analysis of the behavior of the material – particularly of its future performance in pavement structure. This paper presents advanced testing of MCE mixtures, encompassing tests that reflect performance of the material in pavement. Properties that were determined in order to better understand the character of behavior of MCE mixtures included: fracture parameters in semi-circular bending (SCB) test, stiffness moduli in SPT device and fatigue characteristics. The performed tests provide better insight into behavior of MCE mixtures in pavement structures and enable formulation of useful conclusions for MCE mixture design.


cracking resistance, mineral-cement-emulsion mixtures, recycling, road base, road pavement structure.

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Dołżycki, B., Jaczewski, M., Szydłowski, C., Bańkowski, W., & Gajewski, M. D. (2023). Analysis of selected mechanical properties of mineral-cement-emulsion mixtures (MCE). Roads and Bridges - Drogi I Mosty, 22(1), 41–61.

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