Published: 2013-02-01

Hydrated lime effect on rutting resistance of SMA pavements

Marek Iwański , Grzegorz Mazurek


The paper summarises results of examination of binder extracted from an incorporated SMA mixture with hydrated lime, and from a control mixture containing fatty acid amine, according to the American procedure MSCR defining a creep of binder under a dynamic load. Samples were taken after 12-year operation of one of the Kielce main streets, where a wearing course of SMA mixture with addition of hydrated lime was made. Sample binder was obtained through extraction of the SMA mixture sampled from the wearing course at the locations with ruts and locations without ruts. These samples of the SMA pavement were tested for rutting resistance; WTAIR and RDAIR parameters were determined. Using the statistical test of analysis of variation (ANOVA) the estimation of the influence of both the hydrated lime and the location of sampling on the creep tests results were made. By estimating the correlations between the MSCR tests of the extracted binder and WTAIR and RDAIR parameters a positive influence of hydrated lime on the rutting resistance of the SMA pavement was concluded.


bitumen, bitumen creeping, hydrated lime, Multiple Stress Creep Recovery (MSCR), rutting resistance, SBS polymer, SMA pavement

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Iwański, M., & Mazurek, G. (2013). Hydrated lime effect on rutting resistance of SMA pavements. Roads and Bridges - Drogi I Mosty, 12(4), 361–383.

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