Published: 2007-04-01

Diagnostics of cracks in cement matrix composites using computer image analysis

Michał A. Glinicki , Agnieszka Litorowicz


Crack formation in concrete engineering structures can produce both strength and stiffness reduction as well as an increase of permeability of concrete and a danger of corrosion of reinforcement. A laboratory method of crack system diagnostics is presented. The developed method for automated crack identification and quantification was set at a meso-level of observation by means of the image analysis system. A procedure of sample preparation for crack detection was elaborated, the quantitative parameters to characterize crack mesostructure were defined, the algorithms for the automated crack identification taking into account morphological operations and shape of objects were developed. The algorithms for determination of degree of crack orientation and distribution of crack width were developed as well. The applicability of the crack analysis method was verified on concrete specimens subjected to freeze/thaw cycles and sustained compressive loading.

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Glinicki, M. A., & Litorowicz, A. . (2007). Diagnostics of cracks in cement matrix composites using computer image analysis. Roads and Bridges - Drogi I Mosty, 6(3), 45–77. Retrieved from

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