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23, 1, 2024, 45-72

Concept of unification of mutually incompatible information models and data stored in relational databases of road administrations

Karel Pospisil Mail
Brno University of Technology, Institute of Forensic Engineering, 118 Purkynova St., Brno, 61200, Czechia
Michal Janku Mail
Transport Research Centre (CDV), 33a Lisenska St., Brno, 63600, Czechia
Josef Stryk Mail
Transport Research Centre (CDV), 33a Lisenska St., Brno, 63600, Czechia
Vitezslav Pospisil Mail
Janeway, Limited Liability Company., 79 Kainarova St., Brno, 61600, Czechia
Dagmar Pospisilova Mail
Transport Research Centre (CDV), 33a Lisenska St., Brno, 63600, Czechia
Published: 2024-04-10


Road Administrations (RAs) implement Building Information Modelling (BIM) through pilot projects developed for new or reconstructed structures. Each model is processed with respect to BIM standards and practices valid at the time of its creation. Consequently, models are incompatible and cannot be interconnected to create a combined model of the managed network or even its selected parts. Existing structures are often not included in the BIM effort until some major repair is planned. In addition, RAs usually store data on fixed and variable parameters of structures in relational databases. This results in a situation in which a relatively small number of structures are included in mutually incompatible models and data regarding the majority of structures is contained in relational databases. It creates a heterogeneous data environment for RAs. The goals of the paper are as follows: to analyse the described problem, to propose a method of model unification models, a method of creation of simplified compatible information models using data on existing structures stored in relational databases and a method of storing data at the level of the managed network, to support RA asset management systems which can be treated as a dynamic part of BIM.


asset management system, BIM, BMS, PMS, relational database, road network model.

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Concept of unification of mutually incompatible information models and data stored in relational databases of road administrations

Pospisil, Karel et al. Concept of unification of mutually incompatible information models and data stored in relational databases of road administrations. Roads and Bridges - Drogi i Mosty, [S.l.], v. 23, n. 1, p. 45-72, apr. 2024. ISSN 2449-769X. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 26 May. 2024. doi: