Roads and Bridges - Drogi i Mosty
13, 3, 2014, 223-233

Dependence of deformation of soil-shell structure on the direction of load passage

Czesław Machelski Mail
Wrocław University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering


The paper analyzes the deformation of a corrugated steel shell of a soil-steel structure resulting from a load applied by a vehicle changing its position in a quasi-static way. The procedure of double (forward and backward) passage of the vehicle is presented. As a result of such loading, the shell displacements are reduced to zero, from which it can be concluded that the deformation of the soil-steel structure, where the backfill is an essential bearing element, is reversible. In the case of using a classic static procedure, i.e. during the testing of the structure under load acting in one position or with a single passage of the vehicle over the bridge (at low speed), residual displacements of the shell remain. Based on the test results presented in the paper it is shown that bi-directional passage of a vehicle (forward and backward) is a load cycle of the soil-steel structures. During the testing a locomotive was used as a movable load.


cyclic movable load, shell deformation test, soil-steel bridge structure

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Dependence of deformation of soil-shell structure on the direction of load passage

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