Data analytics for condition assessment of bridges


The aim of this special issue is to summarize the progress of theoretical and computational research in the field of bridges by applying new disruptive techniques for Data Analytics. Topics of interest include damage identification, SHM, Machine Learning, Big Data, IoT, Computer Vision and Digital Twins. The evaluation of condition assessment under critical situations such as extreme winds and temperatures, earthquakes and floods is also a topic of interest. Guest Editors: • Andreia Meixedo (FEUP – Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto) (Leading guest editor), • Diogo Ribeiro (ISEP – School of Engineering, Polytechnic of Porto), • Andrej Anžlin (ZAG – Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute), • Andreas Stollwitzer (TU Wien – Technical University of Wien). Submission deadline: 15 June 2023 - 31 July 2024.
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